Animals Webquest
Ms. Martinez's Fourth Grade Class


Most people find animals to be amazing creatures.  Since you have been studying ecosystems, food chains and webs you know that animals are important to the cycle. The world is filled with many different animals . You are about to learn much more about one animal and share that information with your class mates and others on the web.

Each student will be responsible for researching one animal and presenting the information in a slide show   Your presentation should tell the following information about the animal:
What does it look like? 
What does it eat? 
Where does it live? 
How does it protect itself? 
How does it raise its babies? 
What are some other interesting facts?

Here are some resources for research!
Power Point Template

 Wild Animals A to Z
 eNature Field Guide
 Sea World Animal Bytes
 Kids Planet Fact Sheets
 Animal Diversity Web
National Geographic Animals
American Library Association


You will be creating a slide show or power point presentation. You will be graded on the following:

You must use these resources in your project research: 1or more books, 1 or more websites, 1 encyclopedia article. You must also go to to type in your book, website, and encyclopedia article to create a bibliography to be used at the end of your slide show. You must also print out a copy for my records.

-Using your time well in science class on the computer.

-There should be an opening slide that tells the name of your animal, and your first name. 

-There should be a complete slide show that has one slide for each of the above questions .

-The last slide of the slide show should show the links/ bibliography where information was obtained.

-The slide show should be an interesting and creative presentation. The font should be easy to read. There should not be too much information on each slide.

- Each slide will be graded for correct spelling, complete sentences, correct punctuation, and good use of grammar and interesting words.


For those who finish early, you will be able to save each slide as a png. You will then import your pngs into photostory 3 where you will create a movie with music and/or narration. The music should fit the type of animal that you choose.

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Kid and School Friendly Sites for clip art and pictures.

  1. Pics4Learning - Very popular site to find free, safe-to-use images for teachers and students.
  2. - Search engine that searches the most popular free image engines around and provides one-stop shopping.
  3. School Clip Art - Great site for free school clip art.
  4. Ookaboo - Creative commons (free) site for finding great images for class work.
  5. Picsearch - Excellent image search engine, if used with a district's filtering solution.
  6. Veezzle - Wonderful free stock photo search engine.
  7. Google Swirl - Innovative way to search for images and see their relationships with each other (use with Google Safe Search enabled).
  8. Free Photo Bank - Easy way to find creative common images.
  9. Open Clip Art - Great way to find free clip art.
  10. Find Icons -  Nice site for free icons.